Business Consulting


Based on its broad technological and business development experience, in addition to its significant associates’ industry-serving track record, VBC is favourably positioned to offer a range of Business Consulting services.

Consulting & Operations Support

  • icon_01Strategic PlanningServices aim at supporting organisations in setting goals, analysing conditions in the marketplace, assessing competition behaviour, technological landscape, political and economic environment, utilising strategy tools to determine measurable actions and mobilizing resources to achieve them.
  • icon_01Business ModellingEnabling businesses to reach successfully a niche market, through systematic mapping and scenario analysis of all pertinent key factors and processes affecting operations, resources, financing and commercial opportunities targeting and acquisition.
  • icon_01Business PlanningEstablished or Start-Up companies can utilize our Business Planning services to seek and secure financing for their new venture activities, or establish a decision-making support tool for their operations monitoring, getting an insight to important revenue streams, competition assessment, market environment and explicit plans for marketing, operations, management and financing activities.
  • icon_01Business DevelopmentServices aim at enabling enterprises to develop plans for product and services commercialisation in local and regional markets, in addition to supporting execution of these plans on their behalf, with our seasoned sales and business development associates. We can also be commissioned to develop and establish strategic relationships and alliances with other companies and organisations worldwide.
  • icon_01Project ManagementOwing to our long and widespread experience in industrial and European research projects, we can be commissioned to manage commercial, technology and research projects, delivering punctual & quality results and reports, supporting project reviews and meetings, managing and inspiring multinational teams of experts and assuring bottom-line outcomes for all stakeholders.
  • icon_01Technical SupportVBC can undertake to staff projects with experienced technology specialists and support organisations in outsourcing assignments requiring specialised technical personnel, including support services to National Telecom Regulatory Authorities (NRAs). Possibility to offer technical support by means of Managed Services to clients’ enterprise customers can also be discussed on a per case basis. 

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Access to Innovation & Finance

  • icon_01ΕΣΠΑ 2014 - 2020 (NSRF)Our services cover projects’ funding eligibility, proposal preparation and submission, project management and consulting services for National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF - ΕΣΠΑ) projects.
  • icon_01H2020 and other EU-RTD ProjectsServices range from technical concept development, consortium formation, organising and managing meetings with partners, proposal writing and submission, project management of running projects, organising and hosting dissemination events, workshops, seminars, training sessions, exhibitions, fairs and conferences, to coordinating exploitation planning, pilot demonstration and pre-commercial validation.
  • icon_01Technology Feasibility & Road-MappingAs an important prerequisite for any project investment and technology strategy, we can undertake to conduct feasibility & road-mapping studies on innovative project or technology ideas and concepts. Reliable technology and market evolution forecasts can help streamline consensus amongst internal and external stakeholders.
  • icon_01Exploitation Strategy & IPR ManagementServices are oriented towards running EU RTD projects including Exploitation Strategy Seminars (ESS), preparation of a Plan for Use and Dissemination of Foreground (PUDF) report, exploitable results characterization, IPR management, risk assessment and mitigation planning, in addition to business planning for taking results to the market.
  • icon_01Project ClusteringGiven the growing importance of project clustering activities, services comprise the organisation of workshops based on thematic, exploitation or geographic grouping criteria, facilitating interactive sessions to depict convergence points of common interest, report preparation and following up activities depending on targets set by client.
  • icon_01Project Technical Advisory (PTA)We offer this service to running H2020 projects, wishing either to streamline their objectives and priorities, short out potential technology and partner conflicts of interest, assess progress at important milestones, prepare consortia for official review meetings and receive advice on fuzzy contractual, financial, exploitation and IPR issues.

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