GREENLION is a Large Scale Collaborative Project within the FP7 leading to the manufacturing of greener and cheaper Li-Ion batteries for electric vehicle applications via the use of water soluble, fluorine-free, high thermally stable binders, which would eliminate the use of VOCs and reduce the cell assembly cost. GREENLION has 6 key objectives:

1) development of new active and inactive battery materials viable for water processing (green chemistry)

2) innovative processes (coating from aqueous slurries) leading to reduced electrode production cost and environmental pollution

3) development of new assembly procedures (including laser cutting and high temperature pre-treatment) capable of substantially reduce the time and cost of cell fabrication lighter battery modules with air cooling and easier disassembly through eco-designed bonding techniques
4) development of an automated module and battery pack assembly line for increased production output and reduced cost
5) waste reduction, which, by making use of the water solubility of the binder, allows the extensive
6) recovery of the active and inactive battery materials

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